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Data Analytics

Here is some information about our Data software

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Data Analytics

Using data to obtain information and insights through Business Intelligence (BI) tools is a crucial determinant of success in  the modern world. It can offer businesses with key insights to aid them make informed decisions about how to cultivate a more prolific and competent organization, analyze how they can outperform competitors and raise their revenues above and beyond projections.

BI can help organizations establish whether it will achieve its business goals, how it can improve and progress its current IT infrastructure and what resources it will need to provide better business outcomes.

Our Business Intelligence expertise stems from nearly two decades of ERP consultation and working closely with operations team across the retail and hospitality industry.

The tools we specialize in:

ICG Analytics

A cloud-based business intelligence solution built to deliver the information you expect, data governance you require, and reporting you can trust from anywhere and any device at the reach of your fingertips thanks to their interactive KPIs, data tables and several types of charts. With ICGAnalytics you can retrieve, analyze and transform the information in order to take desicions in real time. Connected to the ICGManager, FrontRest, FrontRetail, FrontHotel and HioPOS Cloud databases, the information is shown quickly without waiting time. Unlike other Business Intelligence systems, ICGAnalytics offers the information at the same time the data is generated, without the need of previous ERP processes.

This tool works in conjuction with the ICG ERP. Talk to us if you are already an ICG ERP user and would like to benefit from the power of the ICG Analytics tool or if you are already considering ICG ERP.


Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a cloud based business analytics tool and service that delivers fresh insights to enable quick decisions.

Convert your data into striking visuals and collaborate with your colleagues by sharing them on any device.

Explore and analyse data – on premise and on the cloud – in one view. Work together on customized dashboards and interactive reports and share them with your team.

Reach Out to Us

Let us help you with your data analytics challenges.

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