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Mobility solutions for the retail industry that include software and hardware  options

Sequential Mobility Solutions for Retail include software and hardware systems. There are several areas in a retail environment where our solutions come into play for instance:

Mobile POS: Software and hardware solutions to enable Mobile POS in outdoor venues.

Instore Operations: Extending POS Operations to improve customer experience and increase customer impulse sales

and avoid long queues.

Stock Management: Optimally manage logistics at your warehouse. receive goods, manage inventory and transfers with our software

solution and variety of hardware choices to suit your needs and budget.

Asset Tracking: Track and manage your assets throughout their lifecycle. Manage and track all your assets through all phases - be it procurement, maintenance, depreciation and disposal.

Warehouse Management System: Control warehouse with highly advanced logic based solution that is configurable  and capable of full integration to third party systems.

Van Sales: Designed for the distribution industry, for sales teams that travel to the customer site for sales, pre-sales and deliveries.

Retail Analytics;  Real Time statistics on stock movement on your smart phone. Retrieve, analyze and transform your business information

in order to make decisions in real time.

Our Software Delivery partners:

Palms Warehouse Management System

ICG Software Suite for POS, Van Sales, Stock Management and more...

Sequential Soft brings you devices that are the cutting edge of technology for the mobility industry on various platform such as Android and Windows, at exceedingly affordable price points. Custom software development on mobility solutions is also offered.

Our Mobility Hardware Partners:

Talk to us today to discuss your specific requirements be it software for your warehouse or simply just hand held devices for your stock-take activities.

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