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    Data Analytics

    Data is just information, unless it provides you with insights that can guide your decision making. We can help you with making sense of complex data, with our expertise in implementing tools for analytics.

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    Whether you are a small business or a large corporate, if you are dealing with customer data, then you have to have robust cybersecurity. With an increasing number of cyber-attacks and data thefts, businesses need to secure their websites, networks, and IT infrastructure. 

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    The key to digital transformation in 2020 is automation, not just of repeatable tasks but of tasks that relieve your staff from mundane process to use their capabilities in higher level activities. Explore possible transformation with us.

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    Migrate to a stress free cloud environment with our infrastructure on the cloud services. Explore our value-added software as a service offerings in POS, Loaylty, CRM and Helpdesk amongst others.


Online Ordering 

Without the pain of transaction commissions

Offer your customers the option of takeaway/delivery, through a no commission, extremely easy to use solution. Once you enable the solution, you just need to choose the products and fix the price you want to sell online, next step post to your social networks and be ready to receive orders. Your customers can make payments online and you will receive it instantly.

As soon as the sale is made, the customer will receive an electronic ticket. Through this ticket the customer can see their purchase, comment on their experience, check your restaurant’s information, access yoru social networks and track the delivery of their order.

Activate your online ordering offering today, schedule your demonstration today.


Telemedicine Solution 

Advanced AI Chatbots and Videocalling

In these times, when the necessity for a medical consultation is so acute and at the same time going across to a clinic or hospital in person is an issue, telemedicine is the need of the hour.

Reach out to your patients with our telemedicine solution, which is adaptable to your specific processes. Our solution uses AI chatbots and video calling to provide a user-friendly experience in these days of social distancing.

The social/telephone bots can aid your healthcare staff to provide intelligent, automated responses to patients, guiding them to the right resources and reducing the load on your phone lines.

Discuss your telemedicine application needs with us today.

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