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Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)

Here is some information about our IAAS Service

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Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a standardized, highly automated offering in which computing resources owned by a service provider, complemented by storage and networking capabilities, are offered to customers on demand. (Gartner)

Iaas allows you to scale your IT infrastructure with your needs. There is no need to buy expensive servers in advance in anticipation of a future needs for instance. As the need arises such the holiday season sales rush for an e-commerce store, the resources can be ramped up to fulfill the need at that time and then scaled back when that high activity period is over.

Buying the latest hardware equipment and constantly keeping it updated is a thing of the past as with cloud infrastructure, you get the best equipment in the industry: the newest Intel processors, the most optimized RAM memory, petabit networking, SSD storage, arrays of GPUs, and even cloud programmable hardware.

Upfront costs of buying equipment for a datatcenter and keeping all the hardware updated is completely removed in the IAAS scenario, where a monthly fee is the way forward to achieve cost efficiency. With the stakes so high, IAAS providers have the latest technology enabled for providing extremely high levels of security.


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