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ICG Manager

Here is some information about ICG Manager software


The comprehensive ERP solution from ICG Software that guarantees total control of all departments of a company. ICG Software Spain is a prominent leader in Retail & Hospitality Solutions from Spain, was founded in 1985 and has over 50,000 sites worldwide.

It is tightly integrated to the ICG POS solutions for retail and hospitality, which means any store or restaurant running on ICG at the POS level can easily deploy ICG Manager, as the ERP backbone to manage the purchase, inventory and finance tasks amongst a host of other benefits.

With ICG Manager you can command the information of all the areas of your business to speed up tasks, to get better the invoicing and financial processes, and reduce costs. The application complements the management of the warehouse and inventories, and the management of autosale-presale based on hand terminals. Take advantage of this potent platform of information and graphics to make instant decisions. ICG Manager incorporates a platform totally configurable for the planning, tracing and scheduling of all the activities of his company related to the clients. Facilitates the work on the call register, visits and agreements and guarantees a good and more efficient planning and scheduling of the sales team.

Key Modules:

  • Sales

  • Purchase & Inventory

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Analytical Statistics

  • CRM

Across the world ICG Manager is used by retail, hospitality and distribution companies to centralize all their data, manage and control their operations. Our team has nearly 2 decades of experience implementing ICG Manager across Retail, Hospitality and Distribution industries in the Middle East and India. Discuss your ICG ERP requirements with us today. Call Now.

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