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ICG FrontRest

Here is some information about  ICG FrontRest software


Restaurant point of sale software in today’s highly competitive environment needs to provide much more than just sales functionality. It needs to offer an enhanced customer experience, exactly what ICG Software has been doing through its robust and extremely user friendly ICG Software Solutions. ICG Software Spain is a prominent leader in Retail & Hospitality Solutions from Spain, was founded in 1985 and has over 50,000 sites worldwide.

ICG FrontRest POS software is the perfect solution whether you are a single store just starting out or a multi-outlet, multi-country operation, perfectly scalable and fully loaded with a vast range of functionality.

ICG FrontRest enables you to:

  • Efficiently optimize your sales process

  • Manage table occupancy

  • Control the process of recipe management

  • Increase customer loyalty

ICG FrontRest is the perfect restaurant point of sale software for the following types of restaurants:

  • Fine dining

  • Fast Food

  • Pizzeria

  • Coffee shop

  • Bakery

  • Chocolate shop

  • Nightclubs/Bars

  • Any kind of restaurant concept

You can offer Tablet based sales through ICG Telecommanda(mobile POS software) :

Offer mobile POS sales at tables, especially useful in large outdoor areas and traffic intense areas of your restaurant. Orders to the kitchen can be sent to printers or screens (ICG Hioscreen) placed in the kitchen areas.

Kitchen Screens through ICG Hioscreen (kitchen order screen) :

Quickly service your customers through an enhanced kitchen ordering process using ICG Hioscreen. Dishes that have to be prepared, are ready to be served and the time lapse from time of request.

Convert the undecided traffic outside your restaurant into walk-in customers with ICG  e-Rest:

Share an interactive menu which is multi language and shows menu information including allergen information, pictures of the dishes, ingredient descriptions and sale price.

ICG POS Machines

Let ICG POS machines, with their sturdy, robust performance and aesthetically pleasing appearance, create the complete ICG POS solution for your establishment.

Online Ordering Mobile Apps & Loyalty

Take your concept out into the millennial smartphone world with our Online Ordering and Mobile Ordering Apps, and Loyalty, integrated to ICG FrontRest. There is no end to the possibilities with these new avenues of customer acquisition, including Loyalty Promotions and Social Wifi and Social Rewards where your most loyal customers become your brand advocate.

Call Centre Application

As ordering in gains in popularity, a large number of fast food outlets lean towards setting up their own call centre. Seamlessly set-up yours with our Call Centre Application integrated with ICG FrontRest.

Back-Office ERP for Inventory & Purchase Control, Financial Accounting and Analytical Reporting.

Manage your operations centrally, with instant access to real time data on sales and stocks. With ICG’s ERP (ICG Manager)at the back-end you can centrally control all your operations. You can centrally update items, pricing and promotions. Define your offer strategies, promotions and customer loyalty. From the head-office you can manage and control the items and raw material supplies.

Data Analytics is at your finger tips with ICG Analytics.. Real time business data analysis with ICG analytics on desktop or mobile (IoS and Android)

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