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Software As A Service (SAAS)

Cloud POS, Loyalty, Customer Engagement

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Sequential Soft offers three essential software as a service:  Cloud POS, and Customer Engagement software. We are providing unique and effective software solutions since 2002. We aim to make your business operations smoother and give you a competitive edge over other businesses. 


Services you can avail from us:


1 – POS and Loyalty:

Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, fast food joint, retail store, or salon, you can get the best POS cloud based software from us. You can choose from our wide range of software like restaurant cloud POS, retail cloud POS, and salon POS software, etc. These are the most convenient and feature-loaded software from HIOPOS. Cloud POS software is affordable and also enable you to set your business in no time.

Please do visit for more information on HIOPOS. 


We partner with Spoonity, which is a big name among digital loyalty platforms. It can help your business to grow customers. Such loyalty programs work wonders, especially in the case of restaurants and retail shops. And the best part is, Spoonity easily integrates with the ICG software’s restaurant POS system.   


3 – Customer Engagement: 

You can develop trust and establish an emotional connection with your customer through our software. You can have an AI-powered customer support system for your business. Delight your customers with the omnichannel enabled  Freshdesk and Freshchat from Freshworks a world leader in customer engagement software. FreshDesk is a Helpdesk software that has been rated very highly by . It is based on cutting edge technology to ensure you can offer the best possible customer service to your customers. 

Freshchat is a modern live messaging software, automated by bots and AI, allowing you to engage with your customers in multiple ways, such as your website, and your social media messengers. The application of both these software in a combination is a powerful method of customer engagement.


Discuss your requirement today


Whether you want to have a loyalty program set-up, or a Cloud POS implemented and more customer engagement, call us today at Sequential Soft.   

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